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Wellcome to Inovative Ecologic

Through science, We change the material world Building your investments atom by atom, molecule by molecule Birthing a world of wealth for partners through Revolutionary, Ecologic technology breakthroughs & world-class R&D
Enterprise with Us

Enterprise with Us

Revolutionizing Eco-Technology

Acquiring, Researching, Advancing Ecologics in mass-markets through Industrial and Government partnerships Doing so in highly profitable ways for our investors & industry clients, but With Immensely positive consequenses for our world's ecology

Innovative Ecologics

The world's Premier,Innovation Conglomerate Everyone Stands to Win The opportunities are limitless For our Investors For our world's industries For our Future Generations For our beautiful, God-Given Planet Join us with the Technologies of Tomorrow, Today

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Licensing, Implementation, Tech Investor, R&D Venture
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Partner with Us

Partner with Us


infinite potential for perfection Innovative Ecologics is constantly searching for partners to realize Financially-Sound Ecologic сhange We provide extremely lucrative opportunities through technologic solutions to industry needs Opening up new horizons, technologic exploitations, birthing new industries and sectors

Scientific Partnerships

are our backbone. They are: Internal (In-House Scientists) & External (Partnered Scientists) Both which assist us in the development of not only internal projects, but those of industry & government clients

Massive Incentives

for industry-changing Tech Incentivizing Tech inventors to join our Premier Worldwide Research Umbrella... Innovative Ecologics -The World's most Dedicated, #1 Ecologic Technology Developer and I.P. Conglomerate

Innovative Ecologics Brings Your Ideas to Life

We stand with the Scientist and Engineer in ways no other Tech developer can pride itself in Affording MASSIVE income sharing, State-of-the-Art R&D environments & Labs, World-Class IP Protection & Physical Security, with incentive for Tech Transfers and Co-Authoring

Join Us with with the Technologies of Tomorrow, Today fill out the form below, we answer whithin 24 hrs

Innovative Ecologics

sets the highest standard in the endeavor of Ecologic, Mass-Market tech development and industrial implementation We are on track to become the world's premier tech powerhouse, advancing profitable change in industries far and wide

Scientific Partner Proposal

Mass-Market Implementation of Your Tech, Research Partner, Other Employment


If seeking Employment as Research Partner -Describe your Field and Qualifications
If seeking Mass-Market potential for your tech under our umbrella -Technology Description & Industry

R&D Projects

R&D Projects

R&D Projects


Next-Gen Economic & Mass-market biodegradable plastics and polymers


Super-Lightweight Electric Conductor & Copper Wire Replacements


Nat-Gas 2 Alcohol By-Product Catalysers


Arid soil 2 Agri soil Systemic Soil Revitalisation


Next-Gen Hemp Building Materials & Tech